Theater Play; 65 min. 2015
Location Theater combining film and live action theater perfromance on location in the middle of the forest, on Donderboerkamp, Donderen, NL

Made in collaboration with PeerJonG Location Theater:
Concept, Script & Editor: Erik Alkema/
Production: Rick Busscher/
Regie: Sanne Verkaaik/
Spel en script begeleiding: Leonie Dijkema

PeerJonG: Liedewei: Iris van Veenen/ Pjotr (theater): Liam Kuiper
Pjotr (film): Leon Bierling/ Anne (theater): Sanne Nijman/
Anne (film): Cynthia Kuiper/ Jelmer: Mathijs Rolfes/
Meisje van Yde: Nienke de Vries/ Aaltje: Rutger Breider/
TiTi (theater): Rutger Breider/ TiTi (film): Martijn Hommes/
Kurtz (theater): Gertjan van der Werf/ Kurtz (film): Maickel Hartlief

Photo's: Joran de Boer



A group of teenage friends from a little northern Dutch village is slowly
falling apart under threat of one of them leaving for the big city.

If he also brings his condescending, video-vlogging girlfriend along on
their annual cavemen larping trip, things soon get out of hand. But before
they really do, even stranger things start to happen.They were warned not
to climb over the fence... They did anyway.

An adventure science fiction drama, in which a couple youngsters from
Drenthe, with a little help of het Meisje van Yde, have to battle prejudices,
zombies, an evil German Professor and other vermin,dug up from the past.
Meanwhile they also have to save an alien who missed his space ship home...